Big Cash Game Show

AND NOW … HOSTING THE ‘BIG CASH GAME SHOW’ … Though I’ve continued to do appearances and promotions at events all over the country, I am excited to soon co-market and host The Big Cash Game Show, a tv-style game show with full audience participation. Unlike traditional tv game shows, The Big Cash Game Show will not only give a much larger number of audience members the ability to win cash and prizes but will also travel from city to city.

CASINO MARKETERS – Ignite Your Player-Incentivized Promotions!

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Players EARN Tickets to the Show(s) = Impactful R.O.I.

• Everyone Wins’ Format ensures 100% audience participation
• Interactive High Energy shows
• Co-Brand w/ Christopher Knight
• Meet and Greet Opportunities
• Advanced p.r. opportunities
• Specially-designed for Casinos
• Turnkey Shows and Promotional Elements
• Flexible show options designed to meet every budget
• Ideal for ballrooms, showrooms & event centers
• Full Audience Participation
• Flexible run dates
(single show, 2x/same day, weekends, weekly, monthly)
• Drive casino traffic on slow days w/ special promos to earn tkts
• Consumer Loyalty, Reoccurring Guest Visitation
• Custom Sets Built Especially for You
• Transportable Sets


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